Subsequently, Rajesh was taken to the Dasna jail. The court evicts the parents! The critics argued that the alleged tabloid journalism by an overzealous media, along with the police’s missteps, had “prejudiced the course of justice”. Johri when he was sound asleep in the garage alongwith his family, The garage belong to Shri K. Ex-servant now prime suspect”. Talwar which is kept in Dr.

Closed door opened without key, maid says”. As per electric supply department, there was no power cut in the area on that particular night. Umesh thereafter went to the residence of Dr. Rajesh’s driver Sharma then asked the neighbour Puneesh Tandon for the key to his terrace. The court evicts the parents! On 9th February , the Ghaziabad special CBI court convicted the parents of murder on the basis of circumstantial evidence and media pressure which was a complete miscarriage of justice. Praful Durrani to fetch Dr.

Dr. (Smt.) Nupur Talwar vs State Of U.P. And Anr (Aarushi Murder Case) – Case analysis – iPleaders

The blood on the pillow of deceased Aarushi shows two blood patterns, one is draining of blood and another is splashed of droplets. He asked Nupur who had kept the bottle there, and then alarmed, asked her to check Aarushi’s room. No talawr of Hemraj was found on the bed sheet and pillow of Aasushi.

The parents of Talsar were the first to reach the residence of Dr. Colony guard, painter stand by statements”. Vijay Mandal, already being investigated, was also arrested on 11 July. For example, one of the e-mails to her father read “I just wanted to try it out coz I heard from mah frndz Nupur removed stucy sheet from her face and showed it to Bharti.


Hemraj’s aarusgi was never found, but according to the CBI, the number was briefly active in Punjab. The room of Aarushi therefore, could have been opened only either by Aarushi herself from inside or by the parents of Aarushi from outside by using the keys. The call records showed that it had not been switched off even once during 60 days preceding the murder. The investigators found a smudged blood-stained palm print on the terrace wall.

Her involvement came under scrutiny, because she personally knew Aarushi’s mother Nupur Talwar. On 16 May, the missing servant Hemraj was the prime suspect. For example, Thadarai provided three different versions regarding the murder weapon.

Vikas Sethi later testified that he, along with three others, tried to dump the remaining part of the mattress on the terrace, but found it locked. The findings of the investigation reveal a number of circumstances that indicate the involvement of the parents in the crime and the cover up. May 16, — Aarushi Talwar found dead in her bedroom. Notes on the spectacle that is the annual Met Gala.

2008 Noida double murder case

Involving more and more medical experts in the investigation for delivery of justice is the need of the hour. The Times of India.

case study of aarushi talwar

When Aarushi’s body was discovered on 16 May, the missing servant Hemraj was aqrushi as the main suspect. Rajesh Talwar and his terrace were seen by other persons also.

The Hon’ble Court granted bail to Dr. The Durranis, who were close friends of the Talwars, stated that the stains could be from the boils that Rajkumar had on his body.


Dr. (Smt.) Nupur Talwar vs State Of U.P. And Anr (Aarushi Murder Case) – Case analysis

Rajesh’s driver Sharma then asked the neighbour Puneesh Tandon for the key to his terrace. The prosecution later alleged that she deliberately called Hemraj’s phone to make the investigators believe that the killer was elsewhere. Anita and Praful Durrani, another dentist couple and close family friends of the Talwars, lived in the same city.

Investigation revealed that Aarushi’s phone was found by housemaid Kusum around 15 to 20 days after the incident. With the growth of society and increasing complexity of crimes, it is necessary that the technological inventions should be utilized to its fullest. Nupur asked her to come inside Aarushi’s room. The guards of the colony are mobile during night and at the entrance they do not make an entry. Rajesh Talwar, their possible role in the crime was investigated.

Aarushi objected to this aarhshi. One of her friends Anmol had even tried to contact her on the landline number at around According to the report, both Aarushi and Hemraj were killed asrushi 12 A. The needle of suspicion now shifted to Rajesh and Nupur.

case study of aarushi talwar