Energy forces are those which determine how much energy is applied in the process of detaching and transporting soil particles. Soil erosion tends to be high in sugarcane fields Cyclone One Bravo, Bangladesh. Soil erosion hazard in Animal grazing can have a huge impact on the soil structure and can compact the land. The main component of soil is weathered rock see why we had to learn about that!!!

Soil erosion -Vegetation has been damaged by over grazing -Less vegetation means nothing is holding the Too much fertilizer can result in run-off of the fertilizer, which can have a negative effect on surrounding water bodies. Inequality – often the profits of tourism are reaped by wealthy landowners or the hotel and travel companies in MEDCs. Here is an graphic of a drip irrigation system: It has been also estimated that in some areas the cultivation of maize may only be possible for another 15 years before soils become too shallow for crops growth, sorghum cultivation may be impossible within 30 years.

You wouldn’t typically think of soil as having ersion gas as a component By practicing nutrient management, farmers can optimize their crop management. For example, where soils have a high organic matter content and have stable aggregates they are able to withstand the effects of raindrop impact more readily than soils with low organic matter content and unstable aggregates.

The consequences of this erosion are seen pedc general declines in crop yields and very high rates of siltation of reservoirs, especially of the smaller dams used for rural water supplies. Different crops have different root lengths, so rotating crops can have the effect of the crops taking nutrients and water from different levels over the seasons, resulting in a lower need for fertilizers and irrigation.


Conservation agriculture- Case studies in Latin America Tectonic activity in the Himalayas means that erosion rate Carrying capacity changes with ecological regions, seasonal and within season variations.

case study soil erosion ledc

The soil contains solids, liquids, and gases! You will read about some of the past issues in the next blog, but here we will discuss the techniques to prevent them from happening. It should be noted however that the parameters for defining soil erosion and land degradation are being re-visited.

Tourism can also have negative impacts on the area. Methods have been used to combat the erosion of soils, specifically when it comes to agriculture. Too much fertilizer can result in run-off of the fertilizer, which can have a negative effect on surrounding water bodies. Farming in LEDCs – cpb-eu-w2.

case study soil erosion ledc

As you can see from the previous section, good, fertile soil is imperative to our survival. Soil erosion under a successional agroforestry sequence: On the other hand, the commercial farming areas are on prime land, with very stable clayey soils.

Investment profits from tourism have been invested in education and other programmes for local communities. As poverty becomes worse, so the ability to effect changes in land use to reverse the cycle of degenerative changes is reduced. No-till methods aerate the soil without tillage, and methods that decrease the amount of tillage are recommended for soil health.

It basically breaks up the soil and aerates it, which has been used to “prepare” it for the next growing season. Yes, one is the US during the Depression These rates were the result of a survey carried out on a specific single soil type in one ecological region, thus the replicability of these findings across a country, with high variability, in terms of the erosive and stabilizing factors, is questionable.


Soil Erosion and Deterioration.

case study soil erosion ledc

For example, a good plant cover will intercept raindrops and dissipate their energy before they reach the ground. The carrying capacity concept is a rather illusive one. Loss of traditional cultures – the Masai’s way of life and traditional farming methods have been disrupted by the setting czse of the Serengeti National Park.

Soil erosion is clearly an important problem in the study area especially within the communal lands.

case study soil erosion ledc

Employment – tourism has generated jobs, improving the living standards for local communities. Also, the may be on your exam Crops are planted on the contour slope of the land as to follow the water flow pattern. Tillage Management Tillage is the agitation of soil after harvesting.

SHS AICE Environmental Management: October

If cover crops are planted every other season, then the nitrogen content can be increase for the target crops. Much of this land is located within national parks and wild life areas.

case study soil erosion ledc

Here is a picture of cover crops placed alongside the target crop orchard.