Very easy going sit down with a professor from the Auckland U. Some people would prefer to just get some instruction. Find More Posts by speedbird Grab the opportunity of being a commercial pilot by creating a highly appealing and impressive resume with this commercial pilot resume format created in Word file. If you have the required time and been around for a while you should get a slot they have not been very picky.

It grabs the eye and reads quick, but it offers little room for well-written explanations. Thay actually asked my wife about me when she was intervied one month before I got the call; she says it was all good thing’s. Cover letter FAQ and answers 1. Sample cover letter for corporate pilot job. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get the job, but you may have to leap a couple more hurdles than you thought

For top pilot jobs, you need a cover letter that promotes both your skills and passion.

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In this article, we’ll briefly review some cover letter tips, including A cloze version of the Knight of the Round Table job advert. If you are here definately try to get a hold of Margy and meet up with her if you can.

cover letter pprune

They really do hire with the expectation that you be able to command in a years time, so as an SO you get legs where all the decisions are yours as far as flight planning and enroute flying.

Is there an easy way out? All the effort seems to go into getting the licence and then there is a period of ‘sitting back’ thinking it will happen, followed by an understanding that they are just not doing enough, then hopefully a more determined effort goes in and perhaps a selection or two results.

Cover letter examples for airline pilots

I always use an A4 evelope but go to Post Office and get one made half from cardboard, ccover back is thin card the front looks normal.


Possibly Pete could put some of his wisdom in to this. Excuse my spelling and gramar, as good as the crew rest is in the it didn’t do much good last night; must have been the Asahi and gyoza. Scroggs, Fine your point taken.

You may not post new threads. Southwest, for example, is drawn to those who express themselves and are a little more open and creative Within reason, of course. What type of language should I use?

Posting CV and covering letter

Rate legter item as an A must do todayB should do todayor C would like to do today, but can wait. JobHero has templates to help you. Mention whether you are applying for helicopter pilot or airline pilot job. Check out Alaska Airlines, Inc. Unlike IT, advertising, marketing and other employment within the business world, you are not required to ‘big yourself up’ in a covering letter for an aviation CV.

If your covering letter gives hm covfr her that information succinctly, and your details fit that airline’s requirements, you can reasonably expect your CV to be held on file until such time as the airline next recruits new pilots.

Stick to one page. Keep a record of when you posted the letter, and follow up with legter telephone call after about a week.

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I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone who sounds as pleased with his company as you, except maybe for some FedEx buddies I know. Airlines Resume, Templates and Cover Letters plus an Indeed Job Search Engine, 3 new airlines resume Sample Resume; Thank You Letter; you think of only the workers that coveer in the highly technical positions that are covver pilots, highly skilled air traffic controllers, Get Paid to Write Papers of non-public Interest Some writers may wonder how to earn money as a freelance writer when they are just engaging in thinking about selling home.


Since many recruiters or interviewers will not have the ability to speak directly to the applicant right away, the cover letter works as your spokesperson. I believe that my qualifications, training and life experience will be of interest to you.


Make sure you’re legitimate. A CV showcases your skills and experience but in an abbreviated manner compared to a resume. With the following background do pptune think I would be competitve?

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The interview is three days. Apparently no right answer, but I suggest you get it pretty close. She just inspires me with ideas and stuff.

There are military guy’s here though so that does help you out. Every airline is different, and each one has different requirements and company While working on Gangsters and Thugs I began to begin with to understand more about with all the citing technique and that i actually learned that I is quite useful. Gotta have that PR Visa though, definately work on that as I recon you’d be at the top of the heap I had the app and three updates over a year and a half to get the job.

Connect and get the inside scoop on Airline Companies I am also interested in Fredom Air or Pacific Blue if you know anything about them as well.