Campaigners against commercial kangaroo harvesting say it’s unsustainable and have convinced California to extend a ban on kangaroo imports. Blowing a hole through a Kangaroos head is obviously much more violent and less dignified than a dart entering their side and than injecting a poison into them, which keeps the Kangaroo’s body fully intact. Due to the drought the food supply has diminished and subsequently the Eastern grey kangaroos have encroached neighbouring communities in search of a reliable source of sustenance. For the populations to have remained and even increased — this clearly supports the theory the cull is not affecting populations……. This can lead great anxiety and certainly starvation and death of kangaroos. The kangaroo Management Plan is the only tool currently available to exercise control over the kangaroo contribution to grazing pressure.

While this number seems large, large-scale population surveys over large parts of the Australian continent have reported the total number of kangaroos is in excess of 25 million animals. Are kangaroos in plague proportions, necessitating large-scale killing and a commercial industry, or are they in decline? The population peaked in at 50 million and then, over the next three years, dropped back to about 27 million. This page has been accessed 77, times. As a result, plans to slaughter kangaroos living on an abandoned military site near the capital of Australia were put on hold, among a number of other proposed culling projects that have been delayed or stopped by protests.

Essya have had 16 million years of evolution – and years of persecution. First, Kangaroos may simply overeat and destroy their new host environment.

These habitats also supported kangaroo numbers ranging from 25 to kangaroos per square kilometre. Until the construction of a fence at great public expense, the endangered species in these grasslands at Majura faced decimation.


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Researchers from University of New South Wales videotaped red kangaroos…. Could a cull avoid undermining the case against Japanese whaling? Have Kangaroos been consuming massive quantities of human crops and great cost to Australian farmers?

culling kangaroos essay

But the real threat is not to Australia’s iconic kangaroos — it’s to dozens of other, obscure species. Others include dramatic overstatements of a kangaroo population explosion and that their grazing threatens endangered grass species.

culling kangaroos essay

Australia’s iconic kangaroos are hunted in the largest commercial slaughter of land-based wildlife on the planet. Birthday Party Planning Essay.

So why is more effort not made to find other solutions as a change from thinking that animals need to die in large numbers when humans are inconvenienced—especially when the inconvenience is mostly economic? As always, when the presence of animals is inconvenient to humans, they pay with their lives. Second, darts do not kill Kangaroos immediately, nor do they immediately sedate them, creating the potential for the thrashing around of a Kangaroo which results in their injury, suffering, and the general distress of neighboring Kangaroos.

Would artificially feeding Kangaroos be an inadequate alternative to a cull?

culling kangaroos essay

Because over-population increases instances of encounters between Kangaroos and humans, mainly because habit-depletion can force Kangaroo to seek food in urban areas or on farmlands, over-population can actually increase the risk posed by Kangaroos to humans. These different periods are what lead Australia to its unique environment and habitats of today.

The main justification for the culling of Kangaroos is that they are overpopulating specific areas, which strains the ecosystem of that area or simply concentrates sesay for local human populations. Kangaroo slaughter protects these industries while creating a side stream of revenue from kangaroo products. It would kill part of Australia’s identity and culture.


The killing is a disgrace – cruel and entirely profit – motivated. K angaroos, like the koala, are commonly regarded as distinctive and eminently likable symbols of Australia.

Is it wrong to kill an cluling that has become part of Australia’s identity? If the RSPCA are for the cull, obviously there must be a reason, and that reason is that roos are over-populating, causing problems and are running out of resources.

The kangaroo “Code of Practice” does not protect them It is impossible to ensure kangaroos are killed quickly, vulling a head shot.

The ability of Kangaroo to continue living is obviously better and more humane than merely traumatizing them. Is Kangaroo over-population a problem to Australian society in general?

The problem is, first, that whales are scarce worldwide, making each additional esssy of these animals marginally worse than the death of a Kangaroo that is culled because of overpopulation.

The drawing is included in…. Kangzroos words – 2 pages grassland environment determined by temperature, rainfall, kangaros soil conditions.

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This modern appearance developed in the Eocene time. Amidst the controversy that has aroused strong perceptions and evoked confrontations; there are ethical concerns. Is is also kangarops for efforts to be taken to lower the breeding of Kangaroos.

By subjecting the Kangaroo to far less physical trauma, Euthanasia is a kangarooa more dignified and thus humane process. Thank you for posting this! There is now abundant evidence to suggest that the outlook for long term survival of our cherished icon has never been bleaker.