Again, all members of the committee should also be given some advance notice of when they will be receiving the dissertation or summary essay. GSAS currently offers the following fellowships, usually applied for in the following order: Margaret Donovan, Administrative Assistant Phone: Again, no appointment is required. The reading list must be both substantial and manageable. After oral defense, make any changes in the dissertation that were identified during the defense. Registration Students register for PHIL Proposal Development one credit each semester during the process of preparing their proposal.

Each paper must be between and words. Students admitted to the early admission program must take the GRE if and when they apply for the doctoral program. Courses on the graduate level begin before completing the B. Longer is often easier, but not necessarily better. Registering for a Consortium Class Fordham students who wish to register for courses through the consortium must be matriculated in a GSAS doctoral program and must have completed at least one year of full-time doctoral study before taking a consortium course. Students successfully completing the thesis-option M. It is given that they will read the final draft of the completed dissertation and be questioners at the oral defense; but the nature and extent of their involvement during its writing are negotiable.

The student is also responsible for negotiating a two-hour time slot agreeable to all five parties involved and for reserving a room. Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Fellowships The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University offers approximately seven financial aid dissertagion per year to students entering the doctoral program in philosophy. A student may apply for only one of the three academic-year merit awards for advanced students Research Assistantship, Senior Teaching Fellowship, or Alumni Dissertation Fellowship.

Disserttion department chairperson or program director is responsible for ensuring that the committee is professionally appropriate. There is no penalty for failing, and students may take the exam as often as necessary. Normally, but not necessarily, those who served on the proposal committee will be on the defense committee forddham well. Continue through the online submission process until completed.


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The mentor and readers should provide timely feedback when requested. Advisement and Registration The Director of Graduate Studies DGS is the official advisor to all graduate students, and students must consult with the DGS before registering for classes to ensure that they are on track to fulfill their program requirements.

The student develops this reading list in consultation with the chair of the Dissertation Area Reading Exam, who is often the student’s projected dissertation mentor, and two examiners appointed by the Director of Graduate Studies in consultation with the chair of the examining committee.

Committee and Proposal Defense The Dissertation Proposal Defense Committee comprises the mentor, the readers, and a fourth faculty member examiner chosen in consultation with the mentor and Director of Graduate Studies.

Master’s Thesis

This requirement must be completed by the end of the relevant semester. Stipends are increased when an assistantship changes to a fellowship. Submit your dissertation with the proper format.

Does it develop a clear philosophical approach or method in discussing the problem or issue at hand? Submit your dissertation with the proper format. The dissegtation offers courses in all periods of the history of philosophy, and its pluralism manifests itself in the wide variety of schools and perspectives represented in its contemporary philosophy cissertation.

Master’s Thesis | Master’s Thesis | Fordham

The written proposal should be in the hands of each member of the committee at least two weeks prior to the scheduled “defense. Students in these departments should consult their departments about requirements for these projects.

Then obtain the signature of the chair of the philosophy department as well as the signature of the GSAS director of academic programs and support. The institutions that participate in the graduate school consortium include:.

Having found a faculty member who agrees to serve as mentor for the reading list and its exam, students should, in eissertation with the mentor, find two further faculty members who agree to serve on that committee.

fordham gsas dissertation

Distinguished Fellowships A student who will have exhausted her eligibility for a regular assistantship or teaching fellowship one year on the M. Is it well organized and clear? The input you give us will be invaluable in helping us determine how best to allocate resources in years to come e.


Graduate Student Handbook

Please note that standard expenses associated with the dissertation i. Theses must be submitted no later than December 10 for the fall semester and April 10 for the spring semester.

Margaret Donovan, Administrative Assistant Phone: With those caveats, here is the list of questions: The uploaded thesis should be in its final version, including any changes required by the committee and in the proper format as indicated in Appendix E of the GSAS Academic Policies and Procedures Guidebook.

The survey must be completed before the dissertation and defense paperwork is submitted to GSAS.

The “proposal defense” comes near the beginning of the dissertation process and is not intended as a presentation and defense of the conclusions the dissertation will reach.

After the defense and after all corrections are made, the dissertation must be submitted to the GSAS in electronic format; any student wishing a hard copy stored in the departmental library must arrange for the submission of an bsas bound and formatted hard copy. Financial Aid Graduate Assistantships and Teaching Fellowships The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University offers approximately seven financial aid awards per year to students entering the doctoral program in philosophy.

Students will participate in the normal B.

fordham gsas dissertation

Registering for Graduation When a student anticipates that all of the requirements for the degree will have been met by the end of the current semester, the student should file a “candidate for degree” card available from the department office or the Office of Academic Records with the Office of Academic Records, and inform the DGS of his or her intention to graduate.