The allegations were that: There was also a question about the security of the work in the centre. The candidate admitted using a mobile phone during the examination. The teacher admitted enhancing coursework and awarding high marks to candidates who did not deserve the credit given. The forms are available from the JCQ website http: It was confirmed, following an investigation, that a number of candidates had been prematurely certificated. The centre investigated and reported that the website had been plagiarised, and the bibliography had not been included by the candidate, but had been added by the teacher, after the work had been submitted.

It was agreed that candidates, whose certificates had been withdrawn, could be resubmitted for verification and therefore re-certificated during the next six months. These examples are not an exhaustive list and as such do not limit the scope of the definitions set out in this document. It should not be assumed that because an allegation has been made, it is true. He picked up his walkman and pushed violently past the invigilator. The centre might also be required to hand over to an awarding body officer or appointed agent the completed scripts and any relevant accompanying documentation, as opposed to using the normal script collection or posting procedures. A list of the documents which contain the regulations can be found in Appendix 1. She then spoke quietly to several candidates individually, telling them to read through their work and reminding them that they could use their own opinion in their answers.

Other instances of malpractice may be considered by the awarding bodies at their discretion.

Exam Malpractice Guide

Awarding bodies reserve the right to inform the head of centre to which the staff member is moving to as to the nature of, and the reason for, the sanction. Other awarding bodies and the regulators will be informed when a suspension is imposed. The invigilator was upset and unable to continue with her normal duties.


The investigation 11 7. This will include details of the action taken by the head of centre, the governing body or the responsible employer.

Exams Office – JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications

It was alleged that the management within the centre was fully aware of the above practices and bullied their staff coursweork achieve targets.

The centre was given the following guidance: These will usually be the candidate s or the responsible members of staff. The examinations officer confirmed it contained only music. Definitions In this document the expressions used have the following meanings: Four days before the deadline, however, he managed to hand in his coursework. The head of centre is required to make available an appropriate venue for such interviews.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

The memory stick was confiscated approximately 30 minutes into the examination, and found to contain a large amount of material related to the GCSE History examination. Sanctions for centre staff malpractice — centres The teacher admitted enhancing coursework and awarding high marks to candidates who did not deserve the credit given. For example, there is a contradiction in the evidence provided by the candidate and the centre, or the centre is suspected of non-compliance with the regulations.

Withdrawal of approval for specific qualification s Repeated breach of the regulations relating to a specific qualification. This penalty is applied in conjunction with any of the other penalties above, if the circumstances warrant it. The decision The Malpractice Committee 8.


jcq coursework guidelines 2013

This applies to NVQs and similar types of qualifications only. Each form is available from the JCQ website – http: Sanctions and penalties 18 Alternatively, an action plan will be agreed between the awarding body and the centre, and will need to be implemented as a condition of continuing to accept entries or registrations from the centre.

The awarding body had lost confidence in the ability of this centre to adhere to its examination regulations.

jcq coursework guidelines 2013

Investigations into allegations of malpractice or irregularities against the head of the centre or the management of the centre may be carried out by: GCSE Art and Design The centre reported that a candidate disrupted the examination by throwing a pencil at another candidate three desks away.

The Report 14 8. The book contained detailed notes.

Calaméo – Exam Malpractice Guide

This penalty is only available if the qualification is unitised. Sanctions and penalties for centre staff malpractice — individuals 20 This penalty usually allows the candidate to aggregate or request certification in that series, albeit with a reduced mark or grade. Ignorance of the regulations will not, by guidellnes, be considered a mitigating factor.

GCE A Level English Literature The moderator reported that the candidate had copied extracts from a website into one of her two pieces of work, and had not acknowledged this in the bibliography.

This was regarded as a minor disruption and the candidate was given a warning penalty 1.