My account New to The Case Centre? Home Essays Sunwind Ab Case. The batch size if we see for different operations varies from to , such a huge amount of batch size might lead to having no control over the quality issues i. This system gets an in-plant representative who will be onsite in Sunwind on behalf of the suppliers whose main purpose is to plan and schedule the replenishment of the materials from the supplier hence even the forecasting is also taken care by him. This would help workers to get acquaintance of all the products and also though there is any wastage in a batch the other batch can cover up for it, if a batch has all the products of same kind it would be a problem if there is any defect or quality issues. Capacity planning and line balancing can be used to meet the changed requirement of Volvo plant. The main advantage would be saving on inventory i.

Their batch size as mentioned before is also very large, hence they need to change this strategy too. The best use of this comes when the manufacturing process has lots of operations involved in it with different batch sizes and cycle time and lead time. The problem regarding its inability to meet demand also concerns its major customer, Volvo. Carpeting the purchasing department uses a months planning horizon. SunWind – Vinterkampanje Documents.

The best use of this comes when the manufacturing process has lots of operations involved in it with different batch sizes and cycle time and lead time. Improved coordination between Sunwind and Volvo would reduce non-value added activities and ensure a better working environment.

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Shnwind of shipments can be costly and they run the risk of not being able to meet the just in time production schedule. Hence we can say the actual bottleneck is operation 7 with a cycle time of 1. He also helps in designing ideas to help reducing cost and improve manufacturing processes and managing production schedules for suppliers, materials contractors and other subcontractors.


Do they need a change in strategy by Sunwind?

sunwind ab case study

The 4 week periodical order placement can help Sunwind plan its production such that they complete production just in time for shipment and the shipment occurs just in time for sunwnd at Volvo. If we consider batch sizes of operation 6 has the minimum batch size of the changed cycle time for each operation are as follows: Operation 2- Painting Cycle time: This in casd would decrease the big lots there by decreasing the average inventory level.

sunwind ab case study

Capacity planning and line balancing can be used to meet the changed requirement of Volvo plant. Inspection procedure is well defined and knowledge of this can help Sunwind optimize its production to avoidrejection upon shipment. Consider a batch size and process time information in Exhibit 8. All fields Reference no. By continuing to use our site you consent to the use of cookies as described in our privacy policy unless you have disabled them.

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We will write a custom essay sample on Sunwind Ab Case specifically for you. Challenges facing Sunwind are: This requires the analysis of current operations and making recommendations for change consistent with the Just-in-Time approach. There was a tendency to rely on workers to recognize and react to faults.

Participants are asked to develop sfudy action sthdy for implementing the Just-in-Time sequence delivery of floor lids to Volvo. SunWind – Vinterkampanje Documents.

Considering new Capacity planning and line balancing for Sunwind as in Q7, our cycle time is 1. Published on Feb View 39 Download 5.


PJPK M16 a dan b. The lid comprised of 4 separate items — front panel, rear panel, left panel and the right panel. Production and Operations Management.

On the contrary the production planning department focuses on first four weeks of delivery schedule which unnecessarily increases the inventory level. Retrieved May 23,from https: For the other part of cwse question whether they need to change the strategy of the Sunwind or not, yes they have to change indeed to sunwins as to protect themselves from Volvo by meeting their demand needs.

Sunwind Ab Case

We propose change in number of workers and number of shifts to meet the required demand considering Save plant of Sunwind alone will be producing for all Volvo plants as shown below. Defects were inspected by customers after delivery instead of identification in-house. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now.

The above situation is exacerbated by the competition a Belgian manufacturer poses as sunwinnd supplies floor lids just-in-time to Volvo’s Ghent plant where the series 5-door model is being produced. Sunwind could then either replace the entire shipment ot come to Torslanda to check the rejected shipments and replace the defective parts.

sunwind ab case study

Both are major causes for concern, even more so given the competitor already supplying just-in-time to the Ghent plant.