At the end of each trial, take a 15 second rest, during which you should think about your body getting more and more relaxed. As Discussed above in the introductory section of the manual, people are desensitized to the anxiety-evoking items on their hierarchy by stopping the anxiety with relaxation. Looking at a passing stranger who is also looking at me. First, the patient is taught a deep muscle relaxation technique and breathing exercises. Imagine each item in vivid and realistic detail while remaining relaxed. Now build your final hierarchy.

A You are a very beautiful person. Albert would start to cry any time a rabbit which was newly introduced to the experiment went near him. Learning experience paper acrophobia Academic Stress Pathophysiology: The client repeatedly imagines or is confronted by this situation until it fails to evoke any anxiety at all, indicating that the therapy has been successful. Talking briefly with a group of strangers. In other words, by following this process of relaxation while imagining your target situation, you will become A desensitized to it, and the situation will lose much of its power to cause you anxiety. Or, if an item involves your speaking with a high status professor, you should have a very specific and complete picture of yourself and that person B the clothes he is wearing B the way he is standing B his facial expressions B the words that are said between you, and your own reactions and feelings about the conversation.

Greeting and talking to those I work with about the boss. The real test that you are solving the problem, however, is that your ability to imagine a situation without anxiety is followed by an ability sysfematic experience the real-life situation without anxiety.

Classical and Operant Conditioning

It helps you verbalize your problem and set it down in terms of concrete situations which you have, or perhaps will, come up against in real life. Therefore, in vivo techniques are perhaps better than those using pictures or imagining the feared stimulus.


Conversing with a less attractive member of the opposite sex for a long time. This ranked list of anxiety evoking items constitutes the hierarchy xystematic you will use in your treatment. I will eat dinner only after I ask Sara for a date, etc.

Expressing physical B sexual essya. Your essay sample has been sent. If you are modifying anxiety around groups or more than one stranger, your role playing partner would A play the role of the group of strangers.

Then, on the fourth day, role play the item with another person for 1. Occasionally fewer are necessary and sometimes many more. These are, however, samples only to show you the form. You may then try the scene again or add new items to your hierarchy to fill in any A gaps.

An item is completed when you can experience the feeling of complete sysyematic while vividly imagining the item as you do when you practice deep muscle relaxation without the item in mind.

These new desenwitisation should be less anxiety-provoking than the one which gave you trouble but slightly more anxiety-provoking than the last one you completed. During this time, you can return to your normal relationship, but be prepared to resume your roles.

This technique will help you to achieve a very deep and thorough state of relaxation, enabling you to progress through the desensitization of your hierarchy. AnxietyClassical conditioning. The manual will be divided into four major sections: Go on to the difficult item and try role playing it again.

systematic desensitisation essay

It would be very disappointing to you and the experimenters if you were proceeding well with your modification plans and then essaay to forfeit valuable time in looking for another partner. Smiling at a member of the opposite sex I know slightly or not at all.

Systematic Desensitization – A Treatment for Phobias | Simply Psychology

Systematic desensitization is a slow process, taking on average sessions. Being with a member of the opposite sex who is not a member of the family. This is not an example of the work written by professional essay writers. As you come to the last items on your hierarchy, you may find that your items take longer to role play than the beginning ones on your hierarchy.


After you are able to imagine the situation in total relaxation, you will be well on your way to decreasing the anxiety you feel in the real-life situation, enabling you to feel more comfortable and confident.

Experience with patients has proven this method of relaxing while imagining to be quite effective in reducing anxiety. You will begin to analyze your problem further by breaking it down into situational components which will make it easier for you to see what specific things about the target behavior cause you anxiety; how they are related to anxiety-provoking situations other than your target behavior; and how the problem may be systematically approached. Just as pairing the bell with the food taught the dogs to salivate when they heard the bell.

systematic desensitisation essay

However, it only treats the symptoms of the disorder, not the underlying cause. The client firstly learns to associate Classical conditioning the pleasant relaxation with the least systemaitc situation at the bottom of the hierarchy e. Seeing a desensitlsation attractive member of the opposite sex that I know not so well. Barlow et al found success rates of between 60 and 90 per cent for specific types of phobias when individuals committed to the phobias and stuck to the regime.