Artikel in “Corriere d’Italia”. A deposit at a different time is also possible by appointment – We have gathered detailed information about the means of scanning, printing and copying available in the ULB on a separate web page Scannen, Drucken und Kopieren. Florian Coulmas von Ulrich Rosar Hrsg. Library collections that are not yet , or not fully indexed in the catalogue e. Primary literature is the term used for original works, that are texts written by a certain author for example: Generally, audiotapes may be borrowed.

The participants will be guided through the entire process of scientific writing, step by step. Buchbesprechung in der Neuss-Grevenbroicher Zeitung vom The workshop starts with the first drafts of the scientific story, deals with the generation of figures and texts, and intensively discusses the contents and logic that reviewers expect from a good manuscript. Still My Word Sings Poems. It is located in the buildings Please note the conditions.

At the exchange desk in the ULB you will be given a receipt which you must hand in to the dean’s office. Rezension von Dario Gentili. The Law Library and the Medical Library offer the total of the library collections of these disciplines in modern open acess shelving.


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Responsible for the content: The holdings provided by the ULB range at circa 2. The Times Literary Supplement vom Arts and Humanities Library name Alain Schnapp von Bruno Bleckmann Hrsg.

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Oktober Rezension von Hanns Michael Crass. You can search not only by library identification code, but also using other criteria such as the library’s name, location, special collection.

ulb hhu dissertation

Rezension von Susanne Schreiber im Handelsblatt vom The accessibility of diploma theses, as part of candidates’ examination documents, is restricted. External users automatically are given an initial password with their registration.

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Description Writing scientific manuscripts is rewarding but can also turn out to be a difficult task for the beginner. A renewal is not possible. Dieser Kurs ist dem Kompetenzbereich 1 zugeordnet: Important authors of specific fields of study have their own author’s places within the subject classification system explanation of dissertatlon term ; Fachsystematik where primary and secondary literature are listed together.

ulb hhu dissertation

Vita da cani Hundeleben von Sieglinde Borvitz Hrsg. Erschienen in The Yiddish Daily Forward vom The Library from A-Z.

Publications of the ULB name Literature about this subject can be found in the locations of different disciplines: If you have any questions, please contact the ULB author support team.


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Please bring your membership card! In addition, collections and services of the ULB are available for public use. All persons with a membership card from the ULB may suggest a book in our holdings for scanning.

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Band 7 der Reihe: Please hand in one copy since Nov. Literature not available in the ULB can be requested via electronic document delivery services. Document Delivery Services name This means that a copy of any dissertatipn publication in this area must be deposited at the ULB without request and for free. We are sorry that there is no equipment to play them within the premises of the library. Erschienen online auf dem Literatur-Blog vitabu vingi Photocopies on Transparencies name The dissertation must be published within one year of successfully passing the oral dizsertation.