Degrees are conferred at the end of each semester and at the end of the summer session. The non-thesis is reviewed and accepted by the supervising committee and, if required, submitted to the academic graduate department rather than to the Graduate School. Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be granted one full academic year to reach missed milestones. However, for mailing service outside the United States there is a service fee. A copy of the thesis, using any publication style appropriate to the given discipline, must be submitted to the Graduate School for format check prior to the scheduled defense date. Graduation requirements are as follows: The thesis is subject to the approval of the committee and ultimately to the approval of the Dean of the Graduate School.

Unclaimed Diplomas Unclaimed diplomas will be kept for five years from the date of award. Doctoral Milestones All newly admitted doctoral students are required to meet with their doctoral program advisor and sign a New Doctoral Student Milestones Agreement during the first semester of enrollment in the program. Every proposed program of study needs the approval of the Graduate School. The prospect of publication of dissertation research findings in the proposed language is important to the discipline. Anyone ordering a replacement diploma also needs to provide a clear copy of proof of identity containing a photo. Summer candidates’ names will not appear in the May program. Theses are regarded as publications and will be made public once they are approved and submitted to the Graduate School.

This represents a minimum standard and individual programs may require students to enroll in more hours.

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tbesis Coursework exceeding these time limits is lost and can be reinstated only by special permission of the Dean of the Graduate School upon the recommendation of the committee on graduate studies. Send Page to Printer.

University of Texas at El Paso.


utep thesis guidelines

Students who are appointed during the summer must be enrolled. The completed Diploma Replacement Request, fee, and copy of proof of identity may be mailed to: Fees are listed on the Diplomas Replacement Request and subject to change. All doctoral students must be enrolled during the semester of graduation.

The examining committee, composed of at least three 3 members of the graduate faculty, will usually serve as the student’s supervising committee. Dissertations are regarded as publications and will be made public once they are approved and submitted to the Graduate School, unless the author formally requests otherwise.

Doctoral students must submit a preliminary degree plan at the gudielines of the first year.

utep thesis guidelines

Undergraduate courses that are not approved for graduate credit cannot be used to satisfy graduate degree requirements. To earn the six 6 hours of thesis credit, the student must register in course when work on the thesis gkidelines begun.

The dean will need to endorse the recommendation and forward it to the Registrar. August 15, for all students who complete degree requirements after June 30 and prior to August Some programs require internship reports, professional reports or formal papers prepared in certain graduate seminar or conference-type courses in lieu of a thesis. The student ytep receive email confirmation from the Graduate School upon approval of the thesis format.

A complimentary transcript showing the degree earned will be mailed separately.

General Degree Requirements < University of Texas at El Paso

Individual departments can elect to drop a student after a first or second failure of the examination, upon the recommendation of the examining committee; however, under no circumstances will a student be permitted to take the examination more than three 3 yuidelines. Final Examination All graduate degree candidates are required to satisfactorily complete an oral or written examination or both.

Enrolled students whose untimely death prevents degree completion may be awarded a posthumous degree. Summer candidates wishing to participate in spring commencement must defend by Dead Day of the spring semester.


utep thesis guidelines

Graduate degree candidates must submit an Application for Graduate Degree and final degree plan during the semester they expect to graduate and by the deadline stated in the on-line Class Schedule at www. Graduation Requirements Degrees are conferred at the end of each semester and at the end of the summer session. Eligibility for Teaching and Research Assistants: Students whose degrees are conferred in October are invited to participate in the December commencement ceremony.

Course Load Registration in excess of 15 semester hours during a long semester, or six 6 semester hours in a summer term requires the approval of the departmental graduate advisor, the college dean, and the Graduate School.

General Degree Requirements

Non-dissertation students seeking full time classification must submit a final degree plan and if applicable, apply for graduation. Non-thesis students must be enrolled during the semester of graduation.

Completion of all required course work as listed on the approved final degree plan. It should be noted that a replacement diploma may not be identical in all respects to the original.

Fulltime classification for non-thesis students is granted for one term only, the final term.

Non-Dissertation Theeis doctoral programs may require the completion of an internship or professional report or formal papers in lieu of a dissertation. The Graduate Faculty recognizes that other languages may be deemed appropriate depending on the context of the research conducted by doctoral students. If eligible for financial aid, only one program of study will be funded. A hard copy of the signature page with original signatures of the members of the dissertation committee must also be submitted to the Graduate School.