As principal of Anne W Associates, Anne consults with clients on strategic communications and change management. He is currently writing a second novel and working on other creative projects. Anne is a contributing writer and blogger for MariaShriver. Are all processes equal? Also, coming from my journalism background, I tended to look at the reporting and then writing of a story as puzzles.

Students will demonstrate either proficiency to teach writing or practical knowledge of a professional application in the writing world. As a crime writer, you get to be both. Tell us a little bit about your genre. Visit her at www. All are welcome to attend and read.

wcsu creative writing

Wanting to only write great stuff is perhaps the greatest obstacle to just writing. The student will designate one of those genres as the primary genre and the other as a secondary genre. Our students have been wrkting recently by Clemson University Press, McSweeney’s, Prime Books, Christian Science Monitor, and Newsweek and have won national and regional awards in poetry, fiction, and screenwriting.

Dan Pope specializes in fiction and creative non fiction.

wcsu creative writing

The Master of Fine Arts M. Our gratitude to Anna at Mothership for hosting us! By continuing to use this wcus, you agree to their use. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. I like writing without knowing what comes next because I think that carries over for the reader. Same with one story to the next, wrifing one book to the next. He joined the Department in Fall Are all processes equal?



Additionally, the student will work in a multigenre workshop each semester, which will involve reading, critiquing, and possibly writing in disciplines other than the two specializations.

How do you deal with critics? And neither is easy.

But writers who have deep interest in genres other than poetry and fiction find few options for study in most MFA programs. If so, you can make an easy, wrtiing donation online by using the link below.

Following a year career as an award-winning journalist, he continues to freelance for regional magazines and newspapers, Roche is also a full-time faculty member in the WCSU Writing Dept. We all want as many people as possible to read our work.

His blog, Storycraft, wrifing dedicated to the writing craft: And GOOD fiction is the truth inside the lie. Erik Ofgang specializes in journalism, literary nonfiction, literary journalism, and PR writing. The low-residency structure of the program offers a convenient course of study for traditional students coming directly out of undergraduate programs as well as for nontraditional students who have decided to return to school after a short or long hiatus due to family, career, or cwsu commitments.

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Louisa has trained professional writers in dramatic series techniques rwiting Moscow, Dublin, and more recently in Rome where she is Head-Writer on a TV series in development. All course work other than the online multigenre workshop follows the mentorship model, where each course consists of one-on-one consultation between one mentor and one student.


The old model of studying writing as exclusively a “creative” or “practical” endeavor is outmoded. His teaching grows out of his primary scholarly focuses on Irish Studies and on war literature.

Her movies have been produced on cable TV and on all the major U.

Posted on May 9, by Anthony D’Aries. If you prefer to make a donation by check, you can do so by making it out to the WCSU Foundation and writing the name of the award in the Memo line.

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Titles include When the Purple Mountain Burns. But I love having written. All are welcome to attend and read. Rozan, Dennis Lehane, James W.

wcsu creative writing

The student may opt for a two, three, or four year plan for completion of the degree. Follow her work at lhayden. I had to think of what pieces of the puzzle were needed for the story, what might be missing, and then put those jumbled pieces together to make a clear picture of a story.