Essay tutors are also accredited and have higher degrees in humanities or law, at a minimum Masters or Doctorate Level AQF Level 9 or He has six years experience tutoring a wide variety of topics at secondary and tertiary level. He has extensive experience in lecturing in the sciences, particularly in Physics. Before going into medicine, she completed a PhD in molecular biology. Throughout medical school and his early practice, Elliot has been strongly involved in the medical community. Chelsea is a biology tutor in Brisbane with GradReady.

Elliot Dolan-Evans is a PhD student in political economy and feminist studies, a non-practicing medical practitioner, and a law graduate, awaiting admission in the Supreme Court of Victoria. Aisha Humanities Melbourne Aisha is a lawyer and researcher based in Melbourne. The fun science modules I found were incredibly useful in providing a structured learning approach to this section. Let’s get started to make that happen! I have been an essay marker at GradReady since March and love the work! Throughout medical school and his early practice, Elliot has been strongly involved in the medical community. A test-taking strategy which leverages your strengths.

Let’s get started to make that happen!

gamsat essay tutor sydney

I have attained consistent HD marks for Physics throughout my un. Building upon concepts developed in CR, this course consolidates and builds current knowledge. syndey

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What it is enough time for however, is double checking that you understand the concepts, and that you recognise areas of weakness. More importantly, you’ll need them for your future medical career.

Damian has published over a dozen papers in international journals, presented his research at numerous international conferences, and was selected to represent the Australian Society of Plant and Animal Scientists at the Hope Meeting in Tokyo, Japan; a mentoring workshop with seven Nobel Laureates.

Titor is a medical student at Flinders University. Outside the classroom he enjoys Spotify and all things sport. His other interests include painting, making music, poetry and AFL football.


If possible, students should provide themselves with months of preparation in order to spread the Program study-load and minimise impingement upon their other commitments. This can be completed below.

The fun science modules I found were incredibly useful in providing a structured learning approach to this section. The course gasmat especially beneficial in providing students with the knowledge and complex reasoning skills needed for exceptional performances in Section 3 — the most important section in GAMSAT. Above and beyond the technical aspects of essay writing, the course teaches higher level reasoning and interpretation of GAMSAT stimulus themes, allowing students to produce a piece of writing that demonstrates depth and breadth of ggamsat, a key scoring criteria.

gamsat essay tutor sydney

In her spare time, Hannah is a chronic volunteer, and has been involved in community service, leadership development and youth mentoring programs. The Program additionally strives to develop higher-level complex reasoning and problem-solving skills in broad topic areas ranging from Humanities to the Sciences.

As students progress, both the scope and depth of studies for each section are also discussed. My philodphy in learning, “love what you learn! I have been an essay marker at GradReady since March and love the work!

Sydney GAMSAT Tutor ( in science, th percentile overall).

He is currently completing the first year of his MD gmasat Flinders University. Personal Tutoring Sessions These sessions are ideally conducted on a regular basis and should tie in with the timeline and study objectives identified in the High Achiever Study Plan.

gamsat essay tutor sydney

Jack is a third-year medical student at the University of Melbourne, before which he completed a bachelor of Science majoring in Anatomy at the University of Melbourne. Enrol in the High Achiever Program. I’m Liam and I am one of the current tutors at GradReady! Questions and discussion with the course facilitators occurs via the METC Institute online learning portal. Josipa is a medical student at Flinders University, SA. Each of the 20 GAMSAT essay topics is critically analysed individually and scored by our expert tutors, with personalised recommendations for improvement provided in a detailed report.


Doug is a currently studying medicine at the University of Sydney, where he is also active in research into cardiovascular disease processes.

Results will reveal individual section scores, with topic breakdown, as well as overall scores, to allow identification of areas of weakness. Prepared by medical specialists and senior lecturers from leading Australian university medical schools, the course allows students to learn, and remotely practice execution of skills fundamental to success in the admissions interview.

The course is designed to provide students with advanced essay writing skills and the ability to competently and proficiently write superior essays within a limited time frame. The study plan can be completed over a minimum timeframe of 3 months and maximum of 2 years. These GAMSAT sample essays help to inform the future works of students, and demonstrate how high-quality essays can be produced in a very short amount of time via use of a perfected essay template structure.

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Sydndy here at the GradReady Team wish you all the best and hope that you got the scores you were hoping for! Throughout medical school Elliot also held down eessay casual employments, as well as volunteering positions in refugee and asylum seeker health and legal representation.

Primarily, the module details approaches to studying for each section of the examination. This session is perfect for absolute GAMSAT beginners, or those who’ve sat it a few times and who need to shake things up for a new result.