The reason for this difference is that Mackinder’s model is primarily geo-strategic, while Kitsikis’ model is geo-civilizational. However, Mackinder declared that that epoch had come to an end, due to two factors: It is hoped that this will be a corrective to the under-theorization of Central Asian studies. The vital question was how to secure control for the Heartland. Mackinder believed that countries from other world regions the offshore islands and the outlying islands were hindered from making a successful invasion in the Heartland by the geographical barriers surrounding the Heartland the Carpathian Mountains to the west, the Hindukush Ranges to the South, and the Altai to the east and the Baltic Sea to the north. Although there was little new in the elements of his thesis, he was a gifted speaker and able to weave them together into a compelling picture. She argues that the fact that the countries of Central Asia possess such a unique geostrategic position determines the interests of external countries toward them, and that this can especially be demonstrated in the case of Kyrgyzstan.

Thus the development of Europe as an overseas maritime power which consolidated its strength and wealth swung the ascendancy in its favor. Back to text 11 See: Back to text 12 See: Back to text 17 See: This makes Atlantic powers extremely dangerous to world peace.

This page was last edited on 29 Marchat This assertion was also supported by Kjellen. Mackindwr to text 20 H. Dhaka, however, is more interested in curvature and geometry than in tinkering with projection on a flat surface.

The Heartland Theory is seen by critics as impractical in a modern perspective. This article has multiple issues.

Mackinder’s Heartland Theory – Explained!

Fourthly, this collection of papers problematizes the categories that are commonly used to analyze Mackinder. Mackinder had a liking for Geography and was a proponent of having physical geography and human geography taught as one subject.


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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Central Asia is vital to this plan: Halford Mackinder was born in the northern English town of Gainsborough inthe son of a doctor.

Back to text 13 See: Mackinder did not consider the effect of modern technology amckinder his theory.

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heartlabd In he became a Member of Parliament for Camlachie in Glasgow, and campaigned in particular for the reform of trade tariffs within the British Empire to foster a single economic entity. Thus Mackinder not only wrote about the need to ensure division on the Heartland but, inwas commissioned by the British government to go to South Russia and explore ways to weaken the Heartland by fomenting the Russian civil war.

What is the Heartland Theory? –

In a memorable comparison, Mackinder likened the interaction of human and physical geography to a rock on the seashore. Blouet, Sir Halford Mackinder, He believes that the Paris-Berlin-Moscow alliance that emerged in response to the U.

Ergashev, however, is unconvinced by these arguments. Mackinder died on Heartlanf 6th,aged 86 years. This article or section possibly contains synthesis of material which does not verifiably mention or relate to the main topic.

Retrieved from ” https: Gadzhev, in his book Vvedenie v geopolitiku Introduction to Geopolitics raises a series makinder objections to Mackinder’s Heartland to start with that the significance physiography is given there for political strategy is a form of geographical determinism.

Secondlyother contributors consider the Heartland theory to be more of a hindrance in analyzing the region.

January Learn how and when to remove this template message. In order to set the scene for the papers, this introduction will give a brief biography of Halford Mackinder, outline his geopolitical arguments and their application to Central Asia over time, and provide a short overview of the individual papers.


He insisted that his Heartland thesis was more useful in even than it was twenty or forty years earlier. He tests this critique against the writings of two foreign policy intellectuals, a Russian and an American, who use Mackinder to advocate foreign policy positions of their respective states toward Uzbekistan.

The Heartland concept inspired Kjellen and Haushofer in their hwartland of geopolitics. It finishes by drawing some conclusions for both Central Asian and Mackinder studies.

The reason for this difference is that Mackinder’s model is primarily geo-strategic, while Kitsikis’ model is geo-civilizational. Those in the Royal Geographical Society who were anxious to move it from being a body of military and amateur explorers to a professional scholarly organization, successfully pushed for him to become the first Reader of geography in the U.

One major drawback of this theory mafkinder its inability to make allowances for the technological advances. Before moving on to analyze the significance of the papers in this collection for both studies of Central Asian geopolitics and Halford Mackinder, this section will outline the arguments presented by the contributors to this special issue.

Mackinder’s Heartland Theory – Explained!

Committee on Central and Inner Asia for financial assistance. Mackinder hearland it as a high point of communication system capable of uniting the whole Heartland into a cohesive unit. Concluding Remarks The purpose of this final section is not to provide a report on discussions at the Tashkent symposium, as this has been done elsewhere.