Life long learning has become an imperative. The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens has been The suburbs of Melville, Newtown, Parkhurst, a popular outing venue and is situated on Norwood and Greenside are popular for their the western outskirts of the city. Applications are invited for doctoral and LLM scholarships in equality, law and social justice. The Best of Both Worlds A number of law schools across the globe are creating courses that mix online and on-campus learning as students demand greater flexibility. Please register if you’d like to upload a photo. Geography at the University of the Witwatersrand.

The course will include the following topics: Twelve month leases available. See the activities of all the schools you have followed by going to Application Tracker. The Faculty of Health Sciences acknowledges offered a selection of courses on research its role in the training of health professionals, methodology, scientific writing skills and in the advancement of knowledge through biostatistics. Wits post grad prospectus.

Art galleries all over the city offer visitors a Johannesburg is as much a concrete jungle choice of art ā€” contemporary, ceramic, Is- as it is green ā€” it is the largest urban forest with lamic, watercolour, and the like, including the 10 million trees in the city.

Constitutional and statutory provisions will be studied together with relevant case law. Although obtaining an LLM is not for everyone, it can be an effective means of enhancing your resume and ultimately your career. Wits Law offers for several master level degrees and programmes.

Entry to the programmes is limited. The deposit slip must be retained and must be given to the Central Accommodation Office.

LLM Specialisations

The relevant common law and case law will also be considered. A number of funded programmes Institute and the Sydney Brenner Institute for exist specifically directed towards the Molecular Biosciences.

It is intended that the course provide students with an appreciation of the international human rights system of the UN and its courrsework bodies, the status of human rights in times of emergency and the application of international human rights law in national and international tribunals. For researchers in the and William Cullenand 14 branch libraries which make up the University of the Witwa- social sciences it is a wealth of information.


Recent amendments to the legislation will be addressed where relevant. Our programmes seek to be at the cutting Research Institutes and Units edge of postgraduate studies by taking innovative multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary Constitution courseework Public Intellectual Life and trans-disciplinary courzework, linking Programme the arts, social sciences, natural science, law Education Policy Programme and management.

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Click here to sign up. Particular emphasis will be placed on underlying philosophies when assessing various provisions of the Companies Act 61 ofthe Close Corporations Act 69 ofthe Corporate Laws Amendment Act 24 of and the Companies Act 71 of Engineering has high calibre academic and postgraduate qualifications in courswwork support staff, purpose built laboratories, and ensure that capable and committed computing and library facilities which enable students, with good first degrees, can equip Wits to provide the opportunity for advanced themselves for leadership roles in technology skilling in specialist areas and training in and related fields.

Waste Act 59 of ; the Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of from an environmental perspective ; and the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of from an environmental perspective.

llm coursework wits

An appropriate qualification taken over not less than four years of study. Research shows that in the USA, assist in producing a new generation of criti- internships have become the major method cal courswork, and researchers who are also of graduate recruitment. Whilst attention will be paid to the legislation that supports each of these subjects, the subjects will principally be studied through relevant cases.

llm coursework wits

United States 5 years. The Best of Both Worlds A number of law schools across the globe are creating courses that mix online and on-campus learning as students cousework greater flexibility.

The course is designed to teach corporate social responsibility and how to incorporate human rights standards and ethical business practices into the design, implementation and evaluation of business activities, especially in developing countries.

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The second topic is the ethical, legal and regulatory issues raised by developments in health-related biotechnology. The University established collections of dinosaur wtis, books, musical the Department of Historical Papers in instruments and butterflies. For all other faculties, students wishing to read for a PhD or Masters should first enquire in the faculty concerned about identifying a suitable supervisor for their intended studies, then apply through the Student Enrolment Centre.


Seminars will include topics such as the core features of Company Law; governance of companies; piercing of the corporate veil; the capacity of a company and doursework Turquand Rule; coudsework the concept of capital maintenance. This is a full-time position and fellows may not hold full-time salaried employment during the tenure of the fellowship, and are expected to be based at the University for at least 80 per cent of the period of the Fellowship.

This course will expose students to cross-border business transactions where the parties have their respective places of business in two different countries or where a contract is concluded with a government or government department of a foreign state.

Valid Passport are a holder of a Work or Business permit may you apply for an endorsement to study part- 3. The paychecks are lavish, but the work can be punishing. The course will focus on legal responses to advances in health-related biotechnology, with specific reference to the legal principles that have been developed to govern health-related biotechnology enterprises and that aid in resolving the emerging legal issues.

Go to Advanced Search. Candidate must be a graduate in an appropriate qualification.

llm coursework wits

Company Law 1 The primary aim of this course is to provide students with an advanced understanding of the foundational principles of company law. Jan 04, Online and Hybrid LL.

It also covers the tax implications of specific transactions such as sale and exchange; interest and financial instruments; leasing; E-commerce; shares, BEE transactions; insurance and corporate restructuring.