The program supports its students with James A. At Michener you got a real shot. Students graduate with a Master of Fine Arts in Writing. What had I expected? One of the stories in my MFA writing sample had been rejected over 20 times before finally finding a home in Prairie Schooner. But then a tiny light appeared:

In this embarrassingly self-indulgent time, the vets of MFA Draft were invaluable in providing objective, informed advice. I was, and still am, completely blown away by the generosity of strangers on the Internet. The glorious International Writers Program at Iowa, the Lilian Vernon House at NYU, and, as I give away most of my personal belongings in preparation of the move, my life here in London, complete with a stable job, good friends and universal healthcare. And not just by luck, but by design, this multi-genre approach also cuts down on the vicious competition that marks many of the larger writing programs. I am in your same shoes, only a little reversed. All the very best in your future applications. People will say accusingly:

I hope this will be me in a couple years, packing up and moving my entire family across the country to pursue the MFA dream. But in addition to a main field of study, the student must work in at least one other area of the four disciplines.

Since they are writiing by a generous grant from the late James Michener, students needn’t worry about finding some “you want fries with that?

But then the impossible happened.

ut austin creative writing michener

After the drunken happiness wore off, anxiety set in. That’s why that writing colony camaraderie flourishes at the Michener Center. I must have looked manic when I returned to my desk. What the Michener Center provides for its students, besides a three-year M. Subscribe to All One click gets you all the newsletters listed below.


There have been accusations that the program isn’t Texan creaive even though Michener’s specific instructions dictated that the program was to be national in its scope, and despite the significant Texas-rooted staff — Harrigan, fer chrissakes — and many El Paso and Austin students.

Michener Center for Writers

Fiction applicants should submit one or two stories totaling approximately 30 pages; poetry applicants a collection of at least 10 poems, not to exceed 25 pages; screenwriting applicants a feature-length pp. Aistin locked myself in a meeting room, hands shaking, to take the call.

I try to recognise the fear for what it is and move forward nonetheless. Going through all my belongings with the most critical, ruthless eye I could muster, I felt no oft-touted lightness, no Marie Kondo moment of transcendent clarity.

The program supports its students with James A.

The Michener Center for Writers

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. I was subsequently accepted to Indiana, Iowa, Johns Hopkins and Michener, an outcome beyond my wildest dreams. Students interested in applying to the New Writers Project can visit the application procedures page.

ut austin creative writing michener

All the very best in your future applications. I think hope it is okay to feel regret or anxiety even as you take positive steps in your life, even as you see your dreams fulfilled. When notifications season rolled around, I braced myself for rejection.


In this embarrassingly self-indulgent time, the vets of MFA Draft were invaluable in providing objective, informed advice.

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With numerous articles in national magazines published, chapbooks and plays produced, major house novels published including Joseph Skibell’s A Blessing on the Moon and Karla Kuban’s Marchlands which sold for a lot of money despite her well-publicized but vaguely nonspecific disgruntlement with the Centerone thing is beyond debate: You are commenting using your Google account. What was wrong with me? And others try school, competing with 40 or 50 others for teaching assistant positions and a clerkship in a mall bookstore.

I am an unapologetic hoarder.

ut austin creative writing michener

His bent is more toward the experimental, the nontraditional, the outsider’s vision of the world of character and action. A few hours later, I michensr a call from a New York number. Students must work in two genres — a primary and secondary field — chosen from fiction, poetry, screenwriting and playwriting, micehner do not teach literature or creative writing workshops during their time at UT. And Magnuson intends for it to stay that way.

New Writers Project

Michener Fellowships, renewable for all three years, and contingent upon annual reviews. You are commenting using your WordPress. You know how hard writing is.